business analysis – Case Study

In the Summer of 2017, I tested the W2 free agency waters and fell upon a public benefit corporation which created impactful digital services for the US government. As part of their interview process, I was tasked with synthesizing insights on’s Knowledge Portal.

My Role

  • Business Analyst Candidate for Nava PBC

Knowledge Gained

  • Data Synthesis
  • Passion in product managing civic tech
  • Importance to listen and act on user feedback


  • June 2017

Challenge users can submit a comment on how to improve a help page associated with submitting an application or enrolling in a plan. I was provided with 2,400+ comments from the Open Enrollment Period help pages and tasked with presenting the key pain points users are experiencing. The following assessment requirements were:

  • Describe your approach towards data synthesis for this dataset
  • Show a synthesis of pain points in order of priority
  • Share what questions would you have in doing this exercise 

Below you’ll find the approach I would take to jumpstart our team’s analysis:

Synthesis of Pain Points

My goal was to create an understandable depiction of key findings, areas for improvement, and trends based on user feedback collected. To ensure Senior Leaders and my team could easily comprehend  specific help content,  I categorized each page name in the knowledge portal into “trending help topics.”

The Outcome

It was called “homework” and I truly disliked taking school work home as a student-athlete.  However, I thoroughly enjoyed this type of assessment. Not only did it challenge me to quickly evaluate a new industry’s goals and frustrations, but it also gave me the opportunity to dabble into civic tech and showcase my ability to be a trusted, detail-oriented colleague. 

I was afforded the opportunity to meet the Nava Team and participate in final round activities. However, I too was blessed with the opportunity to become a Father and I respectfully ended my W2 free agency period.  Reason being, I whole-heartedly devote my time and focus on a new chapter in my life (i.e. a new position); but I instinctively noticed my passion and time needed to be with my Family, and milking the paternity leave hours I’ve accrued at my job!